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"Buy land, they're not making it anymore." - Mark Twain. Through the help of our hardworking team, we have premium affordable property that are strategically located with due diligence rightly done. These properties are safe, secure, and affordable.


"The best investment on earth is earth." - Louis Glickman. One of the most secure ways to make, keep and grow wealth is by subscribing to real estate investment. Land Banking is one of the easiest ways to build and nurture a lucrative real estate portfolio.


Popularly known as Thrift contribution or Ajo is a saving scheme that can be done among colleagues in the office, traders, members of a community, etc. This product comes in amazing varieties that include profits on individuals’ contributions.


An accomplished man is a man that owns a home or land. We know how difficult it can be to acquire property in this part of the world that is why ROHO & ROLA are initiated to solve a major problem. With a flexible payment plan, owning a home or land can become a reality.

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We make your journey into property acquisition and trading hassle-free, affordable, and profitable.

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We have a high experienced member of directors and executives and as a return we offer premium services.

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At Realty Invest Network Solutions Limited, we offer quality services that deploy Co-ownership and joint venture modules to enable venturers to connect to consistent and trustworthy contributions in our real estate development projects.


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