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About Us

Realty Invest Network Solutions Limited

At Realty Invest Network Solutions Limited, we offer quality real estate services that deploys Co-ownership and joint venture models to enable venturers connect to consistent and trustworthy contributions in our real estate development projects.



We have OVER TIME, fostered a quality relationship with PWAN MAX, one of the biggest real estate companies in Nigeria with over 10 years of business operation. We have a construction all risk (CAR) insurance policy that includes fire and burglary.
We are members of REDAM, registered with CAC and EFCC SCUML.


Our efficiency is never in doubt as our structure is developed under stern value preposition.
We make rational decisions that is influenced by data analysis, professionals, and expert analyses.
We have a high experienced member of directors and executives and as a return we offer premium services.


Our information management system is accessible, open, and transparent. You can work into our office to investigate process and procedures.
We employ a reporting system to facilitate fulfilment of our obligation as regards anti-money laundering, countering of the financing of terrorism, data protection and corporate good governance.


We genuinely have your best interests at heart and ensuring that relationship is reciprocal. We keep to our clients (Promoters and consultants) promise in payment of commission and proceeds as at when due.


We provide you with up-to-date monthly details on your contribution. Also, through your account created on our website, you can easily access your information as well as monitor the growth of your investment.
We conduct our activities and perform action in an open and clear manner.


Real Estate is known to be one of the most lucrative ventures globally with relatable high proceeds; on this vein, With your contributions confirmed and documented, your proceed when due is inevitable.



This is a loan-based product that enables promoters/contributors to connect their money with any of our ongoing real estate projects for a stipulated period. At due date, promoters/contributors will be entitled to an agreed amount of proceed.


Realty Share is a co-ownership scheme that gives you the opportunity to grow your money in the Real Estate sphere. Now you can share a property with someone for rental returns and property appreciation value, irrespective of your location…



Realty Pro Services caters to third-party oversight of residential, commercial and industrial assets for upkeep, security, repairs and on-going maintenance…


Realty Lease is our long-term leasing service. It takes the hassle out of finding the right client through our solid network across the continent…


Realty Direct is the outright purchase or sales of a property. Simple as it sounds, you put it into the market, and we quickly find a suitable buyer for…

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