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Realty Pro Services caters to third-party oversight of residential, commercial and industrial assets for upkeep, security, repairs and on-going maintenance of the property.

We take oversight of residential, commercial, or industrial properties. Generally, we take responsibility for day-to-day repairs and ongoing maintenance, security, and upkeep of properties. With our top-notch professionalism and high diligence, our property management service brings delight to our subscribers across your owned properties.



It must meet the requirement of the state/government’s structural integrity based on location.

Hassle free and quality janitorial services and value for property which equals money.

Rental income, Property Appreciation Value.

The caution fee paid by the client will be used for the maintenance.

The property must be insured by the owner before it can be enlisted. Therefore, in a case of unforeseen occurrences, the insurance bond will cater for the damages.

There will be personalized dashboard assigned to the property owner on our Mobile App for monitoring purposes.

Title documents.
Government approved licences/permits.